Unveiled at 2D Festival last weekend, Roger Langridge’s ‘The Fez’ mini-comic has been made available online for a pound. Featuring an invisible hero with a fez and monocle, it’s a wonderfully silly twelve-page piece of work.


As with many of Langridge’s works, this isn’t a single-story comic – rather, it’s a collection of curious pieces, held together by the charm of the lead character. So for that precious pound of your money you get a handful of one-page splashes and collections, together with a three-page and a five-page story.

The stories themselves are just what you would expect from a Roger Langridge comic – silly rhymes, knockabout humour, fantasy and brutal humour. And The Fez himself? Langridge takes only a few panels to establish the character, his goals, and how he thinks and operates.

This, it should be pointed out, is an absolute miracle. Langridge is no stranger to a sight-gags and visual humour, but here he manages to somehow bring us a successful mime character WHO DOESN’T HAVE A FACE. The placement of the monocle in thin air is the only thing Langridge has to show readers how the character is reacting to something, and somehow the intentions of each panel feel utterly clear!

I don’t know how he’s done it. It’s a madness.

The Fez #1 is wonderfully good fun. It’s silly and entertaining, brilliantly conceived, written, and drawn. It’s got charm and whimsy, and I can’t wait to read more. You can find it available digitally through Langridge’s site.

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