Artist Jay Lynch has quite a storied career for drawing the Garbage Pail Kids, creating Nard ‘n’ Pat and such recents books as Otto’s Orange Day for Toon Books. But it turns out, he and his ex-wife Carol were also the artist known as Kringo:


About ten years ago I did a bunch of serious fine art stuff using the fake name Kringo. I figured that the comics thing isn’t respected enough by the fine art crowd. So under a pseudonym I did hundreds of paintings…and my ex wife did hundreds of paintings …and we signed ’em Kringo. Nobody knew who Kringo actually was.

The largest Kringo collector is now selling all his Kringo Babies (a series of one of a kind hand painted dolls) on Heritage Auctions. In the description of the first doll (The Right Reverand Earl Jones) the auction description explains the project, and the collector outs me. So I guess the Kringo thing is out in the open now.

A Kringo web page, compiled by Lynch’s ex-wife, is still up at Angelfire, with pop-ups that urge you to install Flash 4. Brrrrr. Spooky old internet.

According to Lynch, the collector wanted to out Kringo when he decided to sell his Kringo Baby collection. There are over 100 of the Kringo babies in existence.

So now you know…the rest of the story.