Before she was the modern-day super hero known as Hellcat, Patsy Walker was a mild-mannered teenager in the town of Centerville. Thanks to Patsy Walker Infinity Comic (2022) #1 by Trina Robbins, Derek Charm, Rico Renzi, and Clayton Cowles, released today on Marvel Unlimited, readers have the chance to revisit that era in a story that sees Patsy at odds with her rival, Hedy Wolfe, over an opportunity to win a pair of tickets to the upcoming Chad Collins concert… and a meet-and-greet with the dreamy singer before the show!

Patsy Walker Infinity Comic
Available to read now on Marvel Unlimited.

Patsy Walker Infinity Comic #1

Patsy Walker Infinity Comic
A little town called Riverda Centerville!

The Patsy Walker Infinity Comic is set in Centerville in 1955, and as a comic book historian with expertise in the sassy smart women of pre-superhero comics, Robbins is an ideal candidate to bring this tale to life in the new format. Charm’s clean art (and experience drawing Riverdale, USA) pairs perfectly with Renzi’s bright colors and the lettering of Cowles for an excellent first entry in the four-part story.

While there are a few allusions in dialogue or detail to the super heroic Marvel universe, this Infinity Comic is primarily a grounded throwback that focuses on Patsy’s teenage drama, with plenty of retro flourishes in the gutters to add to the mood. 

Available on Marvel Unlimited today

The first episode of the Patsy Walker Infinity Comic is available to read on Marvel Unlimited right now, with new entries being released on a weekly basis.

She can do it!

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