With the world slowly reopening after being shut down for weeks due to COVID-19, the comic book industry is also reawakening, with many publishers preparing a return to the direct market this summer. Vault Comics has announced an extension to its Vault Bound Initiative that will make it easier for retailers to stock their shelves with less risk.

The Vault Bound Initiative began last year as a way to help support comic shops and community events to promote literacy and engagement while helping local businesses thrive in their area.

The publisher’s latest update to the initiative now extends returnability line-wide across all new comics shipping in June and July. It also significantly reduces the price per copy that retailers pay for both new #1s and new collected editions. Take a look at a breakdown of what retailers can expect below:

  • $1.00/COPY NET PRICING for all new #1s shipping in June and July.
  • $6.50/COPY NET PRICING for all new trade paperback collected editions shipping in June and July.
  • FULL RETURNABILITY for all new #1s shipping in June and July.
  • FULL RETURNABILITY for all subsequent issues (#2+) shipping in June and July.

Vault Bound InitiativeThe program extends to all retailers with a Diamond account no matter their discount group. The terms apply to all covers without restrictions, minimum orders, or qualifiers.

“We succeed together with comic shops, or not at all,” said Vault’s CEO, Damian Wassel. “If we can help comic shops reduce risk, improve margins, and stabilize cash flow, that’s good for them, it’s good for us, and it’s good for everyone who loves comics.”

The publisher explains the deal further:

“Under the Vault Bound Initiative, new #1s from Vault will be high-margin and low-risk. For a first issue with a retail price of $3.99, retailers will pay only $1.00, netting $2.99 on every issue sold. These issues are also fully returnable, which means retailer risk is reduced as much possible.”

Head to Vault’s website to check out upcoming titles and contact your local comic shop to reserve your copies.


  1. I have been following Heathen and have liked it. I understand that it is headed for a motion picture treatment soon. Hope that is the case.

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