Two of Vault Comics’ new series have already sold out after only being available for a handful of weeks. Resonant #1 and Sera and the Royal Stars #1 are now the publisher’s best-selling debut titles to date and will be getting a second print run, available on August 28.

In Resonant #1, the story centers on Paxton and his three children trying to survive a world at the mercy of Waves, humanity’s darkest impulses that have turned the world upside down. The father must set out on a journey to find medicine for his youngest son, but the trip does not go as planned and now he is separated from his kids during a very vulnerable time. The series is the debut book from writer David Andry, with artist Aléjandro Aragon, colorist Jason Wordie, letterer Deron Bennett, and designer Tim Daniel.

For Sera and the Royal Stars, writer Jon Tsuei, artist Audrey Mok, colorist Raul Angulo, letterer Jim Campbell, and designer Tim Daniel present a tale steeped in mythology and adventure. With her empire in the midst of a civil war, Sera must make the difficult decision to leave on a quest after receiving a vision from the deity Mitra. The princess must find the fallen stars–now trapped on earth–and save her people from dearth and death.

Both comics will receive a new cover in this second printing. For Resonant, Aragon and Daniel offer a stunning shot of what the world looks like after the devastation of the Waves.  For Sera and the Royal Stars, Mok’s new cover features Princess Sera poised for whatever foe she must face, be it soldier or something more based in magic.

To learn more about Resonant #1 and Sera and the Royal Stars #1, head over to Vault’s website. Ask your local comic shop to preorder your copies of the second printing with new covers to add to your collection.

Resonant #1 and Sera and the Royal Stars #1 Resonant #1 and Sera and the Royal Stars #1


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