Looks like another domino has fallen after Wonder Woman‘s big showing at the Box Office.  Deadline is reporting that Millenium Films was impressed  enough by that  to put a Red Sonja film into fast-track development.  While comics fans probably don’t see that as a one-to-one comparison of superheroine vs. pulp mercenary, the Hollywood perspective is probably a bit more like the following:

  • Female warrior lead
  • Fantasy/magic setting
  • From a comic

And Atomic Blonde also probably didn’t hurt the cause, even if it was espionage, not fantasy.

The screenwriter hire is an interesting one.  Ashley Edward Miller has screenwriting credits on X-Men: First Class and Thor.  On the TV side, he has a mix of screenwriting and producing credits on Fringe, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Black Sails.  That’s good mix of well-received fantasy, science fiction and even a pirate show.  Actually, a pirate show with Anne Bonny as a character is probably fairly relevant.

Screenwriter attached is but the first step in the journey to actually filming, but it’s interesting to see the industry trades calling out Wonder Woman as getting other studios to sit up and pay attention.  (And makes you wonder what internal conversations Black Panther has already started.)

We figure the folks at Dynamite are pretty happy to see one of their flagship comics moving forward in the transmedia world.


  1. Atomic Blonde was pretty damn good. I don’t mind the trend.

    I like the crediting of from the writer of First Class. Those other shows are all awesome (and the pirate), and you can quietly state that he wrote Thor too. Hope he shows us why we had to have the Red Sonja movie we nevet knew we needed.

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