In last week’s episode of The Flash all three cosmic forces were established, Cisco and Chester encountered the Still Force/Deon Owens (Christian Magby), Barry returns from his cryo-sleep, and Iris invites the Speed Force/Nora (Michelle Harrison) to bunk with her and Barry. With Deon’s whereabouts, along with the other forces’ next move is still unknown, there’s another looming danger around Team Flash— shielding Frost from Kristen Kramer (Carmen Moore), an ex-intelligence officer and member of the Governor’s Municipal Logistics Commission, who’s tenaciously working towards arresting her for past crimes, i.e. the crimes she committed before joining Team Flash.

Nora/Speed Force and Barry Allen in THE FLASH S7E7; Photo: The CW

This week’s episode begins with Barry acclimatizing to, with minimum effort, the Speed Force living with him in Nora’s form. Him trying to emotionally distance himself from Nora is evident in the way he talks to her, he even declines her help at CCPD’s latest crime scene but surprisingly the Speed Force is enthusiastic about ‘bonding’ with Barry. It’s probably because the Speed Force has never been so emotionally attached to a speedster before, and the fact that it’s taken Barry’s mother’s form is excruciating enough. Despite him snapping at the Speed Force, it shows up at the crime scene.

Kristen Kramer, Joe West and Barry Allen in THE FLASH S7E7; Photo: The CW

An unknown meta with powers similar to Frost’s has killed the driver of an Ivo Labs van and stolen nanotech. Kramer, looking at all the ice on the crime scene, immediately accuses Frost and calls to request an arrest warrant. Joe, Barry, and Chester try to convince her that Frost is not guilty but Kramer goes on to arrest Caitlin after running a near-perfect facial recognition. Caitlin’s arrest triggers Frost to throttle her meta-hunt and break her out of custody, to which Cecile and Caitlin both disagree. When Frost calls Cecile at CCPD and talks to both of them, she figures out the meta who’s been trying to frame her all this while. In fact, he’s the one who anonymously tipped CCPD that Caitlin and Frost are related.

Mark Blaine/Chillblaine in THE FLASH S7E7; Photo: The CW

Mark Blaine (Jon Cor), the bartender at O’Shaughnessy’s, had been following Frost’s trail for the longest time. An ex-employee of Ivo Labs and a fugitive avoiding Iron Heights sentence, Mark is a cryogenicist who’s obsessed with all things ice. He calls himself Chillblaine but the truth is he’s not even a meta. The nanotech he stole earlier lets him replicate Frost’s powers, almost in an enhanced way but she stabs him with an icicle. Flash tracks her down on time and fixes Chillblaine. But CCPD arrives on the scene and orders Frost to surrender herself, and she does. There goes Frost’s dream of freedom, taken away in a snap. Allegra tries to stop her but the Flash says that it’s “her choice.”

Allegra, Frost and The Flash in THE FLASH S7E7; Photo: The CW

Barry finally concedes to the Speed Force and starts calling her Nora. With Nora essentially ‘charging’ Barry with ultimate speed powers, Team Flash is prepping to track the other three forces before things go south. Also, if you’re like me, you’re still wondering who did Wells nod to during the fusion charging scene in episode 3, “Mother” and I can’t wait to find out. I’m betting this big reveal has something to do with what the Strength, Sage, and Still Forces’ purpose. And if it is, Wells will return.

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