In Ollie’s words “this isn’t the end. It’s the beginning.” “Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five” begins now with Legends of Tomorrow, so grab your voice changer and let’s get started!

This is a full recap of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: “Crisis on Infinite Earths Part 5.” AKA beware of spoilers.

arrow crisis
Arrow “Crisis on Infinite Earths Part Four”

The paragon crew is at the dawn of time and Ollie-Specter has bested the Anti-Monitor. A new universe is opening itself up. Or not! Kara (Melissa Benoist) wakes up in her apartment to old pal Alex (Chyler Leigh), who seems to have no idea about the Crisis. Kara realizes something’s up and peeks out the window – where everything is normal, last night’s white martian battle included.

Kara gets a call from Nia (Nicole Maines), who’s waiting for Kara at the Nobel Peace Prize reception. Kara zips over, where she finds out the recipient is, of course, Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer). Roll title card!

“We live in dangerous times”, he tells the attendees before diving into a thank you speech arguing against metahuman vigilantism. Kara as Supergirl is back in HQ, still trying to make sense of everything. Alex tells her Lex is the best guy. Her boss, even. J’onn (David Harewood) arrives on the scene, confirming to Kara that everything did happen. Apparently, only paragons remember the events of the previous four episodes. Kara heads to crime scene down town to clear her head, where she finds the… Weather Witch? Kara goes for the punch, but she’s interrupted by Flash, who launches the villain into the bay. Confused at first, the two realize their worlds have merged together.

Over in Central City, a few construction workers wander through a sewer, where they find the Pariah unconscious and the door he was opening, gone.

Star City finds Sara Lance (Caity Lotz)  just as dazed as J’onn and Kara. She gives Ray a buzz and meets him at the bar. But, since this Randon Routh isn’t the paragon, he remembers nothing. J’onn wanders over and, with his presence, Sarah too discovers that the new Earth is, well, every Earth. J’onn uses his martian ability to fill Ray in on the Crisis; then delivers the bad news that Ollie is missing. Sarah heads to his HQ to look for him, but finds his outfit gone. The Star City crew is there, too, confirming what J’onn told Sarah. This time, the Arrow is really, truly, gone. But Sarah won’t give up hope. If the multiverse is back, maybe he could be, too. He is the Specter, after all. But, no one is convinced. Everyone embraces and tears follow as the theory falls apart.

Back in Central, J’onn meets up with Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker), who’s working on the Pariah. He mind dumps the Crisis events to her and – just like that – Pariah wakes up to an absolute earful from J’onn and Frost. Before he can take off, J’onn does his thing once again, filling Pariah with enough guilt for an infinite number of Earths.

Kara and Barry head over to Star City, just in time for the sob session. They, too discover Ollie is gone. They realize that it was only because of his sacrifice that the world was saved. Then, an attack! By a giant Furbie? Nope! It’s just Beebo.

They recall the last time they encountered a Beebo, and ring the rest of the Legends crew, trying to figure out how Beebo got there. She tells them to stay in DC – but one team member is already in Star City.

On the other side of the city, Mick’s (Dominic Purcell) book signing is interrupted as Beebo wanders past. The crew, now in the street, but unsure how to handle Beebo, make a plan. They unsuccessfully try to tie him up as Batwoman (Ruby Rose) arrives on the scene (which Kara is adorably psyched about). The team realizes that Beebo, actually, is a diversion for Sargon the sorcerer to go rob a bank. Flash and Canary find him and Sarah decks him. Nice!

legends crisis
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Crisis on Infinite Earths Part Five”

At Arrow HQ, the gang wonders if this is the new normal. They pass champagne around and celebrate, but are interrupted by the Pariah, who warns that the city’s anti-matter readings are off the charts. The fight isn’t over just yet.

Outside, Barry finds Sarah, worried that he never ran into her after their Beebo victory. She’s still got the past on her mind. She reflects back on how far she’s come and who’s missing. Barry consoles her, telling her yes it may be different, but at least it’s safe. That’s not much help for Sarah, who’s final connection to Star City – Ollie – is gone. She isn’t the only one who’s lost, as Barry adds. He knows from experience that life goes on. They laugh, but the moment doesn’t last. A shadow demon flies in, alerting the team that paragons are being hunted – and cinnamon bun Ryan is powerless. Sarah comes to his rescue and brings him back to HQ.

There, the paragons are briefed on the situation. The Anti-Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) is still alive. Mick suggests tossing him into the sun, but uh, that’d be explosively bad. Ray adds that destroying him is complicated – but Ryan realizes that what they can do, is eternally shrink the baddie. Just like Ray does with his suit! All they have to do is create the machine. They separate into Team Geek and Team Punch and get to work.

Shadow demons swarm over the city and the team suits up, J’onn with a particularly, very good new outfit. Anyway, the battle ensues! The demons form together into the Anti-Monitor himself, telling the paragons it’s time to meet their end.

Mick and Frost team up. They argue over who should take out a demon – but, surprise! They’re too late as Black Lightning (Cress Williams) takes care of it himself. They all get acquainted before more demons fly in to thwart Team Geek (also, hopefully this means not everyone Black Lightning knows is dead?)

The Anti-Monitor is mid-evil speech when he tells them to surrender, but Sarah won’t have it. She rebuts with a moving call to win for Oliver and it begins. Shields protect the Anti-Monitor from literally everything the paragons throw at him. He fist pounds the ground and throws everyone reeling, giving him plenty of space to grow super tall, because why not?

J’onn and Kara take to the skies, doling out tiny uppercuts while Barry moves to Team Geek, where his fast hands are needed. He puts the machine/shrink bomb together in the blink of an eye, and Ray goes back with him to the scene of the fight. All they need to do is touch the Anti-Monitor with it to force him into the microverse.

The fight rages on with some dope team work as the clock ticks down. With Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) in his grasp, Kara prepares a major hit on the Anti-Monitor. Ray swoops in before she gets the chance, then tosses the bomb to Kara. She launches it at the Anti-Monitor, who shrinks just according to plan. A bit anti-climactic, but the good stuff is yet to come.

From the White House, Madame President addresses the country. She tells viewers they were saved by Earth’s Greatest Heroes (!!!). She names Ollie as one of those sacrificing himself for the planet. The President tells the country he was the first of our heroes. The world watches and takes a moment silence, honoring the Green Arrow (also it’s aired on Channel 52 News).

In a cutaway, Clark gets a call from Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch), asking him to come home and check on his sons and definitely not alluding to a spin-off series.

Cut to black. The classic narration of infinitudes, life and the multiverse. Earth-2 teases Stargirl. Earth-12 brings images of the Lanterns and others even tease Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing and hey, Routh-Superman is still alive! The narrator declares the age of heroes is born on Earth-Prime. The paragons thank Oliver individually for what he’s done, beginning with Kara and Barry. Then, Sarah admits she never imagined having to lose him. She thanks him for changing her fate for the better. Kara approaches a mannequin with his costume and lights a pyre. “He must’ve been a good dude,” Black Lightning admits.

legends tomorrow
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Crisis on Infinite Earths Part Five”

And, as a bonus, Barry adds that they’re currently in an unregistered Star Labs base – the perfect place to get together, should the world need them (cue excited shrieking). Barry pulls a sheet off of a table, revealing The Table, with symbols representing each of our heroes and a star emblazoned in the center. “It’s perfect,” Sarah says as we pan to a chair with a green arrow on its head rest. The League takes their places at the table and – laughing rings out in the rafters. Weird? Cut to Gleek’s empty cage – and an exterior of the Hall of Justice.


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow has wrapped “Crisis on Infinite Earths” with Part 5 and, just like so many characters alluded over the course of this episode, it’s only the beginning. The League is official, the Earths have merged – even Black Lightning is here! Stay tuned to The Beat for continued recaps on all things Arrowverse moving forward and definitely keep an eye out for our Crisis on Infinite Conversations as the crew chats one final time about the CW’s latest crossover event.