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Recap: THE FLASH S7E7 — “Growing Pains”

In last week's episode of The Flash all three cosmic forces were established, Cisco and Chester encountered the Still Force/Deon Owens (Christian Magby), Barry returns...

Recap: THE FLASH S7E1 — “The One with the Nineties”

Even the title of this episode refers to the 90s biggest show — F.R.I.E.N.D.S. If that's not the biggest spoiler then this recap probably...

Recap: THE FLASH S7E5 — “Fear Me”

We're finally at the helm of The Flash Season 7 with two, not one, twists of fate— quite literally too. Killer Frost is free from Caitlin...
The Flash

Recap: THE FLASH S7E4 — “Central City Strong”

The gripping finale of the Mirror Monarch arc in the last episode of The Flash Season 7 may have ended Eva McCulloch's reign over Central...
The Flash

Recap: THE FLASH S7E3 — “Mother”

In what was supposed to be the Season 6 finale, The Flash S7E3, "Mother" sparked off two major events to balance the continuity. The previous episode...

Recap: THE FLASH S7E2 — “Speed of Thought”

Team Flash lost Harrison "Nash" Wells in a horrifying yet heroic way in The Flash Season 7 Episode 1, "All's Wells That Ends Well" when he...

Recap: THE FLASH S7E1 — “All’s Wells That Ends Well”

The CW's The Flash was among countless other shows that abruptly stopped production last year. Every season managed to pull off its ending, but the sixth...

GREEN ARROW AND THE CANARIES spin-off officially dead at The CW

The ARROW spin-off would have followed the daughter of Oliver Queen as the Green Arrow of the future.
netflix dark school scene

TV Recap: DARK S3 – The Unsolvable Triquetra & Some Hidden References

Strap yourselves in for more time-travel craziness, now with added dimensional travel!

Actor Hartley Sawyer fired from The CW’s THE FLASH

The actor's firing follows last week's surfacing of a series of misogynist, racist, and other inappropriate tweets.

TV Recap: THE FLASH S6 – How CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS split the season’s...

Pre-Crisis and Post-Crisis are now part of the Arrowverse vernacular.

RECAP: Riverdale – S4E19 – Chapter 76 – Killing Mr. Honey

The Riverdale season ends, but the story won't be resolved until the fall.

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