Right now! Buy the amazing hardcover collection next.


  1. I was about to point out a typo, in a helpful sort of way but then understood that the book is already printed. Prom the preview, it looks like a good story, the dialogue is very “real”!

  2. Amazing, very pretty. Good read. But I’m just not on with that style of artwork. I like mine, ‘tighter’ most of the time. I like how it seems to have lots of brushwork and is loose for artistic inspiration, but I feel it loses something by not holding to (if any) pencilwork that was laid down first.

    Eh, I’m just rambling. Maybe I’ll buy the next issue.

  3. Ha: “Meggin.” Brilliant.

    I honestly thought I’d read more of Local. I guess I fell away from the series after #2.

    I’ll have to wait for a softcover edition, but rest assured: I am going to wait.


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