InterPop, the blockchain-based entertainment company that launched its Emergents superhero universe last year, has announced that Rachel Gluckstern has been promoted to the position of Executive Editor for the company’s comics division.

Rachel Gluckstern

In a statement announcing the promotion, InterPop President and Publisher Brian David-Marshall praised Gluckstern’s editorial abilities:

“When we launched the InterPop publishing plan with multiple titles, we needed to find someone who could update and reinvigorate our universe. Someone who could round up both established talent with new voices to craft our comics. Nobody else fit that job description like Rachel Gluckstern,” said Brian David-Marshall, President & Publisher of InterPop.

Continued Brian David-Marshall: “Rachel has unraveled our complex mythology and made it accessible to readers, working with our talent to create compelling comics while staying on schedule. Plus, she has successfully integrated the outcomes of fan voting into the issues. As we started to expand our publishing platform beyond just the Emergents Universe titles, it became obvious that Rachel was doing way more than her original job description, and all with aplomb. We’re thrilled to take this next step with Rachel as our Executive Editor.”

Gluckstern joined InterPop as Group Editor with the company’s launch of its comics group in 2021. Prior to her position at InterPop, Gluckstern spent more than a decade at DC Comics from 2004 to 2015 as an Assistant Editor, Associate Editor, and finally as Editor of the publisher’s Batman group. Gluckstern has also been an editor at Little Bee Books, and also works as a freelance editor and consultant.

In the announcement statement, Gluckstern expressed her enthusiasm for taking on an expanded role at InterPop:

“I’m thrilled and honored to be promoted to Executive Editor here at InterPop,” said Gluckstern. “To be handed a universe of fresh new characters and powers and be told to run with them was amazing. Now, a year after our first titles launched, it’s incredible to look back and see how much everyone here at InterPop has accomplished together. I’m looking forward to continuing to lead the adventures of the Emergents in their comics as well as exploring new story possibilities for InterPop to publish. It’s a privilege to have this kind of work in the comics industry, and I want to keep meeting any challenge that arises.”

InterPop Comics is the latest digital publisher to promote using NFTs as a tool for “true digital ownership.” The publisher boasts a lineup of creators that includes Steve Ellis, Colleen Doran, Mark Andreyko, Alex Segura, and more. InterPop also recently made a number of their titles free through a partnership with digital platform GlobalComix.