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Did you know that comics AREN’T just for kids any more?

BUT ALSO: Despite their name…graphic novels CAN BE for kids!


Dave Roman at his LJ:


  1. Well, as you know, The Beat, I’ve been complaining for years now that WHAM! POW! Comics Aren’t For Kids At All Anymore!

    When I take my five-year-old into a comics shop, I have to explain to him that 99 percent of all the titles he’s looking at are “for older kids,” by which of course I mean the jobless, single white guys in their 30s who are the store’s only real customers. I mean, I had to explain to him that the All-New Atom, featuring a cover of a guy shrinking down to the size of an ant, is a book for grown-ups. And then I take him over to the one (one!) shelf that has “Comics For Kids!” Yes, that’s right, they have to label them, because otherwise I would never be able to find them. They have a whole separate room for their Porn section, but one shelf for “Kids.”