Bill Willingham speaks to Newsarama about his Vertigo series FABLES being developed as a TV show for ABC:

“I’m cautiously optimistic, I would say. The one thing I will caution everyone is that the Fables comic book will always be the official Fables story. Part of me sees this as a grand thing, and part of me worries that they’ll never get it right. So I’m open to the possibility, but I will just say that the comic books are the thing.”

“I knew [the film] was in good hands, so I said to myself this isn’t my thing, not the comic; its different so don’t lose sleep over any changes from the comics version. With the comics it’s a bit more difficult – those are the real BPRD and Hellboy for me…”

Mike Mignola on how he views the HELLBOY movies, from an interview at Forbidden Planet. And on how the public views the movies:

“Because of the films a lot more people now know who Hellboy is. Even though they have probably never seen the comics, they know it. I can be traveling on a plane, chatting to the person seated next to me, they ask me what I do and I say I’m a comics artist, tell them about Hellboy and now most of them know what I am talking about instead of giving me the blank look treatment.”

Posted by Aaron Humphrey.