A couple of cartoonists who’ve drawn stories revolving around S-E-X were interviewed this week, and their approaches to the material couldn’t be more different.

There’s nothing particularly salacious here, but we’ve tucked it behind the cut for the sake of good taste.

First, PW Comics Week talked to Koren Shadmi about his new collection of stories IN THE FLESH.


“I’m interested in humiliation as a topic. … There’s always something sad about sex—you end up naked and vulnerable—and its one of the best ways to explore humiliation and what’s behind it.”

Then there’s Newsarama’s interview with Jim Balent, whose new issue of TAROT WITCH OF THE BLACK ROSE features, well … here’s the cover:


“All you have to say is, Snow White, Red Riding Hood and readers know exactly what you’re talking about because they heard them so many times when they were children. So when someone comes along and does a retelling of these stories, whether it be in book form or movie; the public becomes interested in it because of childhood memories and now that they are adult, they want to see the twist in the new telling.”

Whose approach to sex is creepier? Dear readers, only you can decide.

Posted by Aaron Humphrey.


  1. Balent appears to have a breast fetish, manifested in his artwork. The story content he described in the Newsarama interview wasn’t particularly sexual, and the changes in the fairy tales he described wouldn’t make them “warped” fairy tales, but more like lessons in feminism.


  2. My tastes tend to veer towards the less glossy so of the two I’d probably go with the former and hey it’s got Paul’s recommendation going for it –which is about the highest praise you can get. Though kudos to the latter for being around for 9 years –first I’ve heard of it. Whatever he’s doing he’s making it work.
    In any case most of us probably say sex is everything one day and it’s only sex the other –hats off to those trying to make a piece of art that transcends on the subject matter… (and REALLY none of us wants to be in bed with someone who is judgemental and uptight anyways: it’s all good:))
    Still… I haven’t read Lost Girls yet and I know it’s celebrated, but something about fairy tales… well, I haven’t read it yet -and I am guilty of enjoying parts of Rice’s take on Sleeping Beauty series (read on the prompting of my then girlfriend mind you)
    OK, thinking out loud… one day I’ll make my own intelligent sophisticated sexy comic on the subject matter:)

  3. I think there’s something to be said for the resonance of both the vulnerability and recognizable archetypes ideas…but neither seems to be completely on key as an entire *approach* to sex.

  4. Does ‘Sex’ comic ALWAYS equal the same naked lady over and over again?
    It’s almost eugenic.
    And she is so often depicted in the same ‘Fredrick’s of Hollywood’ type outfits.
    Where are all the constantly exposed men? That is the real humiliation aspect.
    There is so little innovation in sex comics, the common symbol for sex hinging on the reveal (or partial reveal) of the naked female body.