We’ve heard how Diamond’s new policy changes are likely to affect independent publishers like SLG and Oni, as well as acclaimed cartoonists like Sammy Harkham and Kevin Huizenga. But what about the smaller publishers and cartoonists trying to get a foot in the door? Indy Comic News asked some newer names in comics what Diamond’s changes meant to them. Everyone is a bit anxious, but some creators reported having greater success through other avenues to begin with. A couple of highlights:

Daniel M. Davis (MONSTER COMMUTE):

I think that the new policies will make Diamond less and less viable to full-on indie creators. While I’ve really considered going with Diamond in the past for my books, I’m now less inclined to even try. Instead, I’m concentrating on generating my own fan-base, and selling my products directly to them… sans traditional distribution. It’s slower, but it works, and I can make money doing it.

David Hopkins (ASTRONAUT DAD):

I’m concerned that such ’smaller’ small press companies won’t be featured in the catalog, and that’s a shame. These companies take greater risks on new talent, and our industry needs that. At the same time, my graphic novels received slightly more pre-orders through Baker & Taylor than through Diamond. That means, the regular book stores carried more copies of my work than the comic book stores. We did some promotion in the direct market, and none with the book store market.

Posted by Aaron Humphrey