“You don’t ask somebody if they watch movies because of course they do, and that’d be great if comics were the same.”

– Artist Amy Reeder Hadley, from an interview with Comic Book Resources about her work on DC’s MADAME XANADU series.

“My readership started off as almost exclusively 20-something hipsters, but now it is much more diverse, I think.”

James Kochalka, from an interview with Tom Spurgeon, which touches on his inspiration, his imitators and, in this case, his audience…

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“I mean, my “career” is still pretty much at the cult level of success, but my readers aren’t exclusively the type of people that seek out and revel in the obscure.”


  1. Thanks to Kochalka’s work on books suitable for younger readers, especially the Johnny Boo titles, his audience has greatly expanded to the youngest ones. He’s so smart – get ’em when they’re barely out of the cradle, and they’ll be his readers for life! ^_^

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