Although the headline says Publisher to launch Japan’s first monthly online manga magazine is sounds a bit misleading, because the magazine is actually the first (orone of the first) for mobile phones:

Publisher Shinchosha will soon launch what it calls the country’s first digital subscription magazine, an online comic regularly transmitted to mobile phones, a news report said Wednesday.

“Com2” will contain about 200 pages of cartoons and is geared toward cell phones so readers in tech-savvy, comic-book-crazy Japan can keep up with their favorites on the go.

The new service will be launched Friday. It will originally have cartoons in Japanese only, but Tokyo-based Shinchosha plans to add English and Chinese translations in the future, public broadcaster NHK said.

Subscription will cost 350 yen a month, and the format is also accessible through the Internet on personal computers.

As everyone knows, the Japanese are phone-crazy and this is a logical step in the evolution of the non-paper comics economy.