Hm. Now this is actually a rumour I heard a week or so ago: that producer Charles Roven who has been very hands on on just about every DC superhero movie from Batman Begins on, would have his role diminished as part of the restructuring of DC Films.

My first response to this rumour was “who?” Because even though his IMDB page is littered with movies that you and I adore, he hasn’t really been front and center in promoting and explaining that film slate. No problem there, just he wasn’t the kind of executive who would come out and reassure everyone that Superman’s tights would be the right color. Or maybe I just wasn’t paying attention.

According to reports, Roven will no longer be the hands-on producer of the Flash and Aquaman movies, bur he’s continuing on with the already in production Justice League film.

Talks are underway to have Roven — who was a producer on Zack Snyder’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, as well as the recently completed Suicide Squad, next year’s Wonder Woman and Justice League — segue to a different role going forward, likely that of an executive producer who is not involved in day-to-day production. However, he potentially could continue to be a producer on some sequels to the movies he’s currently producing.

The extent of Roven’s involvement, and which titles he would work on, is “evolving,” according to multiple sources, who also stress that no final decisions have been made.

“Roven is a key member of not only the DC slate but of the Warner Bros. family,” says a studio spokesman.

Obviously, there are many moving parts as WB tries to get the DC movie-verse more in line with the vision of Ben Affleck and newly minted DC Film co-heads Geoff Johns and Jon Berg and away from the Zack Sndyer/Roven axis. And just incase you were wondering about the new heads of DC Films, Affleck thinks Johns is “a genius” so this is going swimmingly.

Speaking of Johns, his busy day yesterday included an appearance on Seth Meyers:

PS: next time I hear a tip from this particular source I’ll pay more attention!


  1. The five DC films that Roven has produced have grossed over $4 billion. He gets demoted. Meanwhile Geoff Johns has done so swimmingly as DC Chief Creative Officer that on the publishing side they’ve lost market share during his tenure in that position. He gets promoted.

  2. “Meanwhile Geoff Johns has done so swimmingly as DC Chief Creative Officer that on the publishing side they’ve lost market share during his tenure in that position.”

    I don’t think you understand what his position is. He’s CCO of DC Entertainment, not just of publishing. DC Entertainment covers every facet of their business that uses DC characters. Because of him, I believe this upcoming season DC has 8 affiliated television programs (9 if you count Preacher but I don’t think he had much if anything to do with that…still optics are key) they currently have on almost all the networks and several more (Scalped and Krypton just form the top of my head) still in development. I would argue that matching the success he’s had with television properties is exactly why he has been promoted in the movie arena and also why he was singularly put in the driver’s seat to lead the Rebirth initiative.

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