As you know, AMC is presenting a remake of The Prisoner, the greatest TV show of all time, starring Jim Cavaziel as Number Six and Ian McKellen as Number Two. To drum up interest, they have quite an extensive The Prisoner site up, with all of the original 17 episodes from 1967 available for viewing. if you’ve never seen it, now is your chance!

The site is actually very, very cool, with a production blog for the new show, including Sir Ian’s observations and an extensive photo gallery of both episode and production stills. I don’t want to spoil them, but let’s just say that if you’re a Prisoner fan, you will enjoy the production stills perhaps the most, especially the ones where star/mastermind Patrick McGoohan is going about his business with a ciggie dangling from his mouth. Here are a couple to whet your appetite:


BTW, as we’ve probably mentioned before, while we’re dubious about the entire remake enterprise, seeing McKellen as Number Two makes it worth our while if nothing else will.

Link via Whitney Matheson..


  1. Contact your congressman. Prisoner episodes are being kept prisoner in US. Not viewable across the border here in Canada.

  2. I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or NUMBERED.

    I will, however, be streamed over the Internet.

  3. ” … Prisoner episodes are being kept prisoner in US. Not viewable across the border here in Canada.”

    There’s a big weather-balloon patroling the Niagara area. Be seeing you …

  4. Even though I already own this classic on DVD, I appreciate you passing along the link that I can send to friends. THE PRISONER is one of the finest philosophical explorations of the individual vs. society all wrapped up in a cool and surreal ’60s spy series.

    Mandatory viewing.

  5. “Contact your congressman. Prisoner episodes are being kept prisoner in US. Not viewable across the border here in Canada.”

    It’s payback for people in the States not being able to watch HNIC streaming on the CBC web site.

  6. Hey Heidi, Didn’t know you were a Prisoner fan. Pardon the plug, but I set up a Prisoner news website a few years ago before handing it over to a pal of mine who has since done wonders with it. Click on my name on this post to visit The Unmutual!

  7. Hey, Lew!

    Is Six of One having its get-together this year? And there’s another Prisoner group that has one, right? I almost considered attending one of them last year, but couldn’t make it. I just might manage this year. Even if I can’t attend the gathering, I’d like to see Portmeirion up close and personal. Since I’m flying from the other side of the pond, I need details.

  8. I still remember when this show first originally aired in the US in 1968. I must have been four or five years old at the time.

    It first aired out here on CBS, Monday nights at 10:00PM.

    So what was the difference between Secret Agent Man and Dangerman?



  9. Hey Rich,

    I don’t want to get too deeply into what some people call “fan politics” (but which I’d call morals) as, from experience, it only encourages trolls but I can’t in good conscience advise anyone to associate with Six of One. The other “group” isn’t a group at all, despite what some may claim. Just a bunch of Prisoner fans who quit 6o1 in disgust and did their own individual activities for Prisoner fandom. I don’t know if they’re having one of their charity events at Portmeirion this year or not. Keep an eye on The Unmutual Website for details.

  10. I’ve been to both and Six Of One have a conference aimed at those who want to dress up as Prisoners, Villagers and those who oppress them.

    The people who publish The Unmutual Website do a similar sort of thing, but without the dressing up. They also tend to get the guests first and get the better interviews with them.

    They are usually ahead on Prisoner-related news too, and without the need to join a club to access it.

    Just my 2 cents/pence worth.

  11. Please, please, please help me. Cant get the prisoner online, its driving me mental!! AArgh. Cant watch it on the amc site.