In Princess LovePon by Shauna J. Grant, we’re introduced to Lia Sagamore, an average high school senior who isn’t sure what steps she should take after graduation.


During a school lecture, Lia’s BFF, Rachel, gently needles Lia about her enthusiasm for Magical Girl stories like Astro Bunny, her latest obsession. But more sinister concerns lurk in the background, as we soon discover that many of Lia and Rachel’s classmates are being affected by a mysterious affliction that leaves them unable to wake from their respective slumbers.


When school has ended, and shortly after she has said goodbye to Rachel for the afternoon, Lia is literally hit over the head by an adorable, diminutive bunny!


At first, Lia thinks that the bunny may be some kind of battery-operated toy (even though she can’t exactly figure out where you put the batteries). But when she and the bunny are at home, the bunny springs to life and introduces themselves as a fairy named Hunnie.

Hunnie explains that Lia must become a magical warrior who will take up the fight against the Dark Queen. Hunnie tells Lia that if she agrees to become the Envoy of Light, as she has to do is to say “Lovely Magic” while touching the Love Rocket.

Naturally, Lia agrees, and one Magical Girl transformation sequence later, Princess LovePon is ready to go on her first mission. Can she fulfill her destiny as a Magical Girl and defeat the Dark Queen? And how will she be able to balance her magical destiny with the day-to-day demands of school?

Princess LovePon is comic with adorable artwork, featuring an extremely cute world rendered in lovely pastel color.

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