Vampirella is making her return to an ongoing series to coincide with her 50th anniversary this July. Writer Christopher Priest will be at the helm with art by Ergün Gündüz. The series also promises exquisite covers by top artists such as Frank Cho, Alex Ross, Guillem March, Joe Jusko, Adam Hughes, and many more.
Dynamite has stated that current orders for issue #1 are already pointing to a print run in excess of 60,000, making it not only the most successful Vampirella comic in the modern era, but also one of the top books for the month of July. The publisher also confirmed that Priest will be writing the title for “a full year and counting.”
“July is a huge month for us this year and lays the foundation for a strong rest of the year and going into 2020,” said Nick Barrucci, Dynamite CEO & Publisher. “For the anniversary, we went all out with Vampirella offerings to spoil the fans of the character both new and old. To have Christopher Priest helming the new ongoing series as the centerpiece is a dream come true. He’s more than welcome to stay on the title as long as he’d like.”
Priest added, “As clichéd as it sounds, I really am thrilled and excited to be reunited with my old Ka-Zar editor, Matt Idelson, otherwise known as the Father of Everett K. Ross (Black Panther). Matt’s keen and often twisted sense of humor reassures me that he’ll understand mine as we take a respectful yet progressively unorthodox swing at a beloved and time-honored character. I’m hoping to bring the same sense of newness within the framework of legacy I brought to Panther, along with a similar introspection into modern culture and a dash of humor as Vampi takes a bite out of crime. Shake briskly and serve chilled.”
Vampirella #1 hits stores and digital on July 17.

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