Shipping tomorrow (9/5), Veronica and Dilton have teamed up to get to the bottom of Riverdale’s vampire problem, but what awaits them them in Lodge Mansion and can they survive?

A preview follows:

You can’t go home again… or can you? Veronica’s search for answers leads to a deadly confrontation at Lodge Mansion.

Script: Greg and Megan Smallwood
Art:  Greg Smallwood, Jack Morelli
Cover: Greg Smallwood
Variant Covers: Francesco Francavilla, Audrey Mok
On Sale Date: 9/5
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.



  1. Fun Fact: Beginning with Vampironica #4, Greg Smallwood has been stripped of art duties and demoted to “co-writer” for his inability to keep on a schedule, even after doing an interview with CBR in which he claimed the delays in getting issue #2 out the door allowed him to get caught up on the art and turn in a monthly title.

    Smallwood also deleted his Twitter account four days ago after a massive backlash from Archie fans who accused him of flaking out on Vampironica to do the new Moon Knight series.

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