Following the success of Batman: Wayne Family Adventures, the first DC/Webtoon team up, Webtoon has just released a preview of Vixen: NYC, the next strip in the collab’s expanded slate.

VIXEN: NYC by Jasmine Walls with art by Manou Azumi is the first WEBTOON and DC collaboration to launch since Wayne Family Adventures, which currently has nearly 40 million views and counting.

Here’s a synopsis and some preview art, including Vixen accompanied by one of NYC’s most familiar furry friends: a rat! Give it some pizza and we’re good to go.

Vixen: NYC debits on May 26th. Upcoming DC Webtoons include ​RED HOOD: OUTLAWS (Summer 2022), written by Patrick R. Young with art by Nico Bascuñán and ZATANNA & THE RIPPER (Summer 2022), written by Sarah Dealy and lead artist Syro.

This collaboration has brought DC’s characters to the popular streaming mobile webcomics format, with seeming success for both sides of the deal.

Mari Jiwe grew up in a small, seaside town in North Carolina, but upon graduating high school seeks to connect with extended family in Ghana. There, she meets relatives who gift her a mysterious totem, passed down for generations. Immediately upon returning home, she moves to New York for her freshman year of college. Mari hates it. New York is smelly, dirty, and full of even smellier and dirtier animals. Holed up in her room she finally inspects the totem–inadvertently releasing its magic. She is hit with an energy that gives her the power of the animal kingdom…of New York.

Mari had a hard enough time navigating college as a normal girl, and now she not only has to figure out how to “adult,” but also how to “superhuman.” Then women, who look unusually like Mari, are kidnapped across the city. Vixen learns an estranged, distant relative, General Maksai, is on the hunt for her, seeking the crystal for himself. To stop his war path, Vixen will have to stop him. As she does, she learns the true extent of her abilities. Turns out, she’s capable of a lot more than she thought.

Mari Rat FocusSpirit Stampede

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