2012 was a great year in terms of indie anthology releases. With works like SECRET PRISON 7, THICKNESS, and GANG BANG BONG setting the stage for visually riveting compilations of experimental and provocative comic storytelling, it seems like 2013 will indefinitely have some surprises in store. New York’s DOMINO BOOKS is dipping their feet in the anthology pool with January’s release of Tusen Hjärtan Stark.

part 3crib_girl

Roughly translated from Swedish as “a thousand strong hearts,” Tusen Hjärtan Stark is an enticing collection set on presenting the work from alternative European artists alongside comics from a few American cartoonists. This international comics compendium showcases an opposition to the highly-priced and glossy art comics through its rather economical format, a compact 24 tabloid size newspaper.



Featuring work by Swedish cartoonist Joanna Hellgren, Brooklyn’s Elizabeth Bethea, Virginia’s Warren Craghead, and a cover by Wiley Guillot, Tusen Hjärtan Stark is available through DOMINO BOOKS this month for the satisfying price of $3.


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