Y’alls remember the Black Death of the 14th century that swept throgh Europe killing as many as 200 million people, right?

WELL WHAT IF IT WAS REALY A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE??? That’s the premise of Pestilence by writer Frank Tieri and artist Oleg Okunev with colorist Rob Shwager. Tom Bradstreet does the gore dripping covers. It’s a ner series coming in May from AfterShock. The book stars ex-Crusader Roderick Helms and his squad, the Fiat Lux, trying to save humanity from the undead rampage.

“Our main character is an ex Crusader named Roderick Helms,” Tieri explained in a statement. “He leads a sort of medieval black ops team of knights called Fiat Lux—and what they essentially are is the cleaners for the Church of that era. Think of them like if Mr Wolf from Pulp Fiction was a group from the middle ages. And had really big fucking swords.

“Anyway, they’re the ones who get tasked with stopping the zombie outbreak… but what they find along the way is that zombies are not their only problem. That elements within the Church itself may actually be the bigger issue they have to deal with.”

According to Tieri, AfterShock was a great fit for the book: “What people don’t realize sometimes is this business often comes down to relationships. And unfortunately I’ve had one with Mike Marts for quite some time… working on everything with him from WOLVERINE and BATMAN to the immortal APOCALYPSE VS DRACULA. So when Mike went over to AfterShock, we knew it wasn’t a matter of IF we were going to work on something together over there, but WHEN. We just needed the right idea to come along. And PESTILENCE was definitely it.”

And here’s your preview!


PESTILENCE #1 / $3.99 / 32 pages / Color

writer: Frank Tieri
artist: Oleg Okunev
colors: Rob Schwager
letters: TBD
cover: Tim Bradstreet
incentive cover 1:10: Szymon Kudranski


  1. Why yes, I do remember when the Black Death swept through my 14th century village. It was pretty goddamn rough. You shitty millennials crap your pants about Trump and ISIS — trust me, you pansies, that’s nothing compared to those hellish Black Death days. The plague was much goddamn worse, I assure you. My wife and our 2 sons died horribly. She was 11, the boys were 6 and 5. If it wasn’t for the friendship of my pet rat Reggie, I wouldn’t have made it through.

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