When The Comics Beat broke the news yesterday that Ulises Fariñas had partnered with Magnetic Press to start a brand new comics publishing imprint called Buño, the title that stood out to me most was Cloudia & Rex.  I am a sucker for modern myths and low fantasy stories, so a story about two girls being imbued with the power of gods and going on a journey of discovery and reconciliation seems right up my alley.  Perhaps it hits that sweet spot for you as well?  The book will be co-written by Fariñas and his frequent collaborator Erick Freitas and illustrated by Daniel Irizarri (Prophet).

CLOUDIA & REX is a lushly rendered supernatural fantasy that follows two girls and their mother who find themselves in the middle of a vast, supernatural exodus. On their journey Cloudia is bestowed the powers of hundreds of different gods, but even those don’t help her come to terms with the death of her father.

You can preorder Cloudia & Rex now through Buño’s website.  Check out the Beat’s exclusive preview pages below.

Cloudia + Rex CoverCloudia-and-Rex-001-001 Cloudia-and-Rex-001-003 Cloudia-and-Rex-001-002


  1. These Buno books are lookin’ pretty good. Great color work on this one. I might just have to meander on over and pre-order this.

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