Yesterday, the Comics Beat broke the news that writer Ulises Fariñas had partnered with Magnetic Press to start Buño, a brand new comics publishing imprint that aims to bring beautiful books from diverse creators to audiences around the world.  The first of those books is Light, a word-less graphic novel written and illustrated by Rob Cham.

Originally published in the Philippines by Anino House, Light will be available in America for the first time through Buño.  The story “follows a pair of adventurers from a black & white world as they embark on an epic quest to collect five magic gems of color from deep inside the earth and bring them to the surface to return color to the world. Their perilous journey through torch-lit darknesses takes them to vibrant secret caverns, endless passages, crystal-clear waters, and encounters with strange beasts, dangerous creatures.”

Light is a haunting, atmospheric, and emotional tale that invites comparisons to the hit 2010 indie video game Limbo.  The book hits store shelves in September 2016, but you can preorder it now through Buño’s website.  Check out the Beat’s exclusive preview pages below.

The Cover to Light

Light01 Light02 Light03 Light04 Light05