If you grew up in the 90s, chances are high that at some point, you were obsessed with the Power Rangers.  The bright costumes, likable characters, and absurd looking villains were inspirational playground fodder for years, and they have never stopped inspiring Ulises Fariñas, who recently partnered with Magnetic Press to create Buño, a brand new comics publishing imprint that aims to bring beautiful books from diverse creators to audiences around the world.  Fariñas himself hopes to bring Sentai back to prominence through The Guardian Force Design Manual, a beautiful book full of cool character designs and intricate mech blueprints that will captivate your imagination.

THE GUARDIAN FORCE DESIGN MANUAL is a meta-fictional art & design book written & drawn by Ulises Fariñas, inked by Mike Prezzato. Packed with Fariñas’ signature style of endlessly detailed art; the book presents a staggering array of strange technologies, bizarre monsters, and towering super-suits. The Guardian Force Design Manual seamlessly blends fiction with real-world design history, functioning as both an artistic timeline for a vibrant fictional world, and a showcase for the lineage of design in the Sentai and Tokusatsu genres.

You can preorder The Guardian Force Design Manual now through Buño’s website.  Check out the Beat’s exclusive preview pages below.


GuardianForce1 GuardianForce3