Tartarus, which is a new sci-fi comic due out in February from Johnnie Christmas and Jack T. Cole, is being billed by publisher Image Comics as Star Wars meets Breaking Bad.

Obviously, those are two beloved franchises to evoke, setting the excitement level pretty high for this book. Tartarus is the story of a young cadet who is framed for crimes against the empire she serves. A mystery ensues, one in which the hero discovers that her mother was the ruthless warlord of a deadly colony with a vital role in the ongoing galactic war. The hero must then fight to reclaim her mother’s dark crown. Oh, and the name of that colony? Tartarus.

“We’re so excited to bring you Tartarus. We (Jack and I) have been crafting this story for a few years now and we couldn’t be more proud,” Christmas tells The Beat via e-mail. “The main story follows Tilde, a young and promising cadet, who has to go on the run from an empire she swore to protect after it’s discovered that she’s actually the daughter and heir of a dangerous warlord. If she wants to make it out of this mess alive, she has to go straight into the belly of the beast, the most dangerous place in the galaxy: Tartarus. We’ve got colorful characters and space battles and just the most insanely beautiful art from Jack. We’re so pleased to share more of it with you!”

He isn’t kidding when he calls the book’s art ‘insanely beautiful.’ The Beat just so happens to have an extended preview of the new comic too. You can find preview pages from Tartarus below after the official preview text for the book:

Tartarus #1

Writer: Johnnie Christmas
Artist: Jack T. Cole
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Editor: Stephanie Cooke

A new adventure series with all the sci-fi drama of Breaking Bad set in Mos Eisley! Promising young cadet Tilde is framed for crimes against the empire after discovering her mother was the ruthless warlord of the deadly colony Tartarus, a vital player in the galactic war. Now, Tilde’s only way home may be to reclaim her mother’s dark crown. #1 New York Times bestseller JOHNNIE CHRISTMAS (Alien 3) and artistic phenom JACK T. COLE (The Unsound) kick off this ongoing series with 44 big pages of story!

Tartarus #1 by Cover A by Cole (Diamond Code DEC190067) and Tartarus #1 Cover B by Christmas (Diamond Code DEC190068) will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, February 12.

Tartarus #1 will also be available for purchase across many digital platforms, including the official Image Comics iOS app, Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, comiXology, and Google Play.

Tartarus #1 preview
Tartarus #1 preview
Tartarus #1 preview
Tartarus #1 preview
Tartarus #1 preview