Mapmakers and the Lost Magic by Cameron Chittock and Amanda Castillo is the first volume in an exciting new middle-grade graphic novel series, arriving on April 26th, 2022 from Random House Graphic… But you can get your first look at an excerpt from the upcoming book right here, today at The Beat.

The story follows the young protagonist, who must make a difficult decision: either abandon her beloved valley, or free her home from its new overlords by laying claim to the hidden magic of the Mapmakers!

Mapmakers and the Lost Magic

Here’s the description of Mapmakers and the Lost Magic from RH Graphic:

“For centuries, the Mapmakers kept peace in the Valley, but they’ve long since disappeared. Now the Night Coats hold power with an iron grip—there are only rules, punishments, and consequences. Until one night, on the run from the Night Coats (again), after breaking another rule (again), Alidade stumbles upon a secret door leading to a magical hideaway that belongs to the Mapmakers.

“There, she finds a map of her home and accidentally brings to life Blue, a magical creature called a memri who is meant to protect the Valley. Blue needs Alidade’s help to find the Mapmakers and save the Valley from the Night Coats!

“But the Mapmakers are long gone.

“Alidade has a choice: leave the Valley like she’s always wanted…or become a Mapmaker and save the only home she’s ever known.”

Available April 2022

The first volume in this new middle-grade graphic novel series will be arriving on April 26th. Will you be picking it up when it arrives? What do you think of the exclusive except below?

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