As we mentioned earlier this morning, DC’s been very close to outright trolling readers who don’t happen to live near a Walmart (and a Walmart that stocks these DC 100 page giants, too).  They’ve been releasing previews of the new stories in this week’s issues, which are theoretically hitting shelves today.

While the King/Kubert Superman serial is the one that’s got all the buzz going, that’s not the only new one coming out this week.  Justice League Giant #3 starts a Wonder Woman serial written by Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner with art by Chad Hardin.  If you just said to yourself, “isn’t that the Harley Quinn creative team,” that means you’ve been paying attention, because that’s true.  The art files for this one are named “WALMART_JLMONTHLY,” as in “Walmart Justice League Monthly,” so its pretty clear what they’re calling this internally.

So scroll down and if these stories are scheduled to be 12 pages, you’ll see the first half of it below.  For the second half, you’ll need to get to participating Walmart or… pay a jacked up rate on eBay?

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