Back in the long ago days of the TokyoPop original English manga explosion, one of my favorites was a book called I Luv Halloween by Keith Giffen and Benjamin Roman, a world building comedy about a Halloweentown where people could be very naughty indeed.

Giffen has gone on to many other things, like helping reinvent the DC Universe, but Roman hasn’t been seen much in comics circles since, which is a shame because he’s mad talented. (He works as a concept artist for imaging company Gentle Giant.)

But he’s back with a new digital series from Comixology called P.A.C.O and Donut, which he describes thusly:

After crash landing on a alien planet, Donut an escaped criminal finds himself shackled to a transport robot known as P.A.C.O. (Prisoner. Assist. Courier. Operator). The impact of the landing has corrupted P.A.C.O.’s internal memory. The robot’s original correctional officer programming is damaged and replaced with a prisoner profile from its database. Led by Warden Zozo the manhunt for P.A.C.O. and Donut span across an alien planet. Unable to unlock the tether that binds them the duo have no choice but to work together to find a way off before they are taken into custody.

A sked Roman about jumping back into the comcis fray and he told me, “I’m very excited to jump back into comics telling my own story. I just wanted to create a fun book that adults and kids can read. Releasing the P.A.C.O. and Donut through Comixology first is so great. I can pace the story the way that I want and it will be available for anyone around the world.”

As you can see from the preview, it’s a fine looking book.
P.A.C.O. and Donut is all ages and will run for five issues.