What is the bestselling comic in the world? There are several contenders but one of them is undoubtedly Blacksad, the classic noir detective series by Juan Díaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido, published in France by Dargaud and in the US by Dark Horse.
Celebrating his 20th anniversary in 2020, Blacksad has become one of the most beloved and recognized comics characters around the world, with millions of copies in print of his first five adventures.

So it’s huge news that a sixth Blacksad volume is coming out this October: Blacksad: They All Fall Down comes out in English digitally from Europe Comics on October 20th, with a print edition coming in 2022 from Dark Horse.

Given his recognition around the world, Europe Comics has just released an incredible preview in English. “What’s News” gives not only an inside look at Blacksad’s 20-year history, but a special sepia-toned preview of They All Fall Down. The story finds detective John Blacksad in New York City involved in nefarious goings on with unions, organized crime, and the dark parts of the city, including Solomon, a construction magnate with many plans for the city.
(Can I just say: I can relate?)
You can buy a copy of “What’s News” for a mere 2,49€ – and if you’re a fan of Blacksad — or just great comics art —  you will absolutely adore this English-language tribute to the character and his world. It’s also a sign of the increased global reach of comics that such a detailed tribute to the character has been released in English.
The second part of They All Fall Down will be coming out in 2023. Meanwhile, there’s also the Harvey-nominated video game Blacksad: Under the Skin to keep you busy until October. Or check out the rest of the Blacksad catalog from Europe Comics or Dark Horse’s Complete Blacksad collection in print. (Affiliate link.)
And here’s a peek at not only “What’s News,” but They All Fall Down, exclusively for The Beat, courtesy of Europe Comics.