DK III Mini Comic #3 Cover.jpg

The bind in mini comics included in each issue of Dark Knight III have been a pretty cool little thing about the project, both as an esthetic bonus and as a sort of “featurette” to the main story. And they also give you a peek at what the book would be like if Frank Miller were doing more than consult. Well issue #3 mini is about Green Lantern and features a story by Azzarello and Milller, as well as pencils by John Romita JR., and inks by Miller. In the story, “Hal Jordan’s otherwise idyllic life interrupted by a distress call from Earth. On his arrival, Hal is greeted by three strangers, looking for a God to worship…”

When I first peeped at these I though, “Wow JR JR does a mean Frank Miller imitation!” Then I realized it was Miller himself doing Miller. 

Regular issues of DKIII include the mini as a mini; two weeks after each issue a Collector’s Edition hardcover is released publishing both the main story and the mini-comic in a same-size “prestige” format. And then you put them all in the slipcase that DC sells to fit them all in.




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