Dead 02
Over on his LJ, Corey Rey previews his new Zombie comic:

First two pages of an 8-page movie-trailer-esque preview of the comic– it’s called DEAD IN THE NOW. I’m making the preview for an online comic site, for possible serialization of the whole shabang. I’ll let you all know when the full teaser is up for the world to enjoy.

So yeah, there’s this, Sharknife, Marvel Underground, new Hasbro contract… a couple comissions… and some other projects I’m surely forgetting. I’m spreading myself quite around. I like it this way. At least all my projects are vastly different from each-other. It’s fun.


  1. Rey, please stop going in 5 directions at once and FINISH something! Your spastic “I’m cool and I’m everywhere at once” attitude is charming, but your professional output and ability to meet a schedule is embarrassing. Once the zing of your energetic work wears off on your fans, they’ll just be left irritated that you can’t concentrate on anything.