AWA Studios has the E-Ratic: Recharged trade paperback set to release this week on Wednesday, March 29. The comic is written and drawn by Kaare Andrews, colored by Brian Reber, and lettered by Sal Cipriano. Andrews also provided the cover for the book.

Read the synopsis from the publisher here:

Recharge complete! The teenage hero with superpowers that only work for ten minutes a day is back to save the world again as he navigates even more pressing perils: young love, bullies, a broken family, and the gauntlet that is high school. This time, young Oliver Leif is teamed with a barbarian princess who claims to be from another dimension. Spinning from the pages of The Resistance, E-Ratic combines electric action, teen drama, and pure comics fun.

Ahead of the release, check out a preview of E-Ratic: Recharged below!