Check Please! is back in the second half to finish out Bitty’s junior and senior year. Originally this queer love story from Ngozi Ukazu was a webcomic, but it grew such a big following that it was able to go to print and become the most-funded comic on Kickstarter. It’s even recognized by NPR as one of the 100 best graphic novels of all time.
It’s back now with a new installment, titled Check Please! Sticks and Scones that Entertainment Weekly got an exclusive look at. Before you pour over these first pages, check out the synopsis below. Check Please! Sticks and Scones will be available April 7 of 2020 from Macmillan publishers.
“Bitty is heading to junior year of college and though he has overcome his fear of getting ‘checked’ on the ice, he and Jack now face new challenges. They must navigate their new relationship while being apart and also decide how they want to reveal their relationship to those around them. Not only that, but Jack and the Falconers are now a big part of the NHL ― and Bitty’s life! It’s a hockey season filled with victories and losses.”
Check PleaseCheck Please Check Please Check Please


  1. Is there any way you could add a “click to enlarge” feature for these preview pages? The print in the word balloons is so small at this size that I can barely make out any of the words.

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