Have you been following this series from Dark Horse? Break Out #3 by Zack KaplanWilton Santos, Jim Campbell, and Jordan Wordie, with a main cover by Adam Gorham, will be arriving at your LCS beginning in one week. However, you can get your first look at the issue right here, today at The Beat!

Escape the Cube

Here’s the description of the issue from Dark Horse:

The prison break is on! Liam Watts and his teenage crew have infiltrated the massive Cube spaceships and begun their plans to break out Liam’s brother and their friends. But the problem with planning a dangerous heist in a prison spaceship from another dimension everything that can go wrong will go wrong! And now, there is no way out!

Break Out at your LCS soon

Will you be picking up a copy of Break Out #3 when it arrives at your Local Comic Shop and/or public library beginning on August 31st, 2022?

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Break out

Break Out

Break Out