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Toronto Cartoonists Workshop

Ty Templeton’s Comic Book Bootcamp Level One…IS BACK!!!
Instructor: Ty Templeton
Now Available TWO evenings per week!

The BOOTCAMP covers every aspect of the art and business of making comics- including layout, storytelling, anatomy, scripting, panel transitions, dialog, plotting, inking, background and cover design, and the basic language of sequential art itself. It is the perfect entry level intensive for anyone interested in working in comics.

Ty has spent years teaching and perfecting this popular workshop and it’s been packed in previous incarnations. From muscle bristling superheroes, to moody underground hipster webcomics, this class will teach you why you want to make comic art, and how to make it better. While an ability to draw is helpful, it is not necessary.

Ty Templeton is a three time Eisner-Award winner whose credits include Batman, The Simpsons, Spider-man, Mad Magazine, Superman, Harvey Pekar, Star Trek, The Avengers, Howard the Duck, She-Hulk, Justice League, Hoverboy, the original graphic novel Bigg Time and Dexter: Early Cuts for Showtime.

Skin and Bones: Discovering Anatomy in Drawing
Instructor: Geordie Millar

Understanding artistic anatomy has always been a crucial tool for any
artist wanting to work in the comic book industry and related illustrative

Name your favourite master artist, be it Jack Kirby, Jim Lee or the great
John Buscema; they all had to learn the internal structures and exterior
forms of the human body in order to articulate their personal visions.
In this course, instructor and student will work from the nude model to
explore the large masses of the skeleton, structures, action and rhythms
of arms and legs, hands and feet… and the always complex human head.

The goal of this course is to give students solid new tools to research,
understand, explore and design the figure from observation and

A sought after and dynamic instructor of figurative drawing, Geordie
Millar is a classically trained artist who’s own art practice focuses on
animal life and natural history. He is an elected member of the NY Society
of Animal Artists, who’s work can be seen in The National Museum of
Wildlife Art in Jackson Hole, Wyoming or online at:

After many years of teaching and working in the Maritimes, Millar is now
working in the Toronto area teaching life drawing at Max the Mutt
Animation School and in the Animation program at Sheridan College in

Paper Acting: Expressive Anatomy and Its Uses in Graphic Storytelling
Instructor: Leonard Kirk

A comic book artist, like a film director needs actors to tell his story. Cartoonists have to breathe life into their characters and the best way to do that is through their facial and manual expressions. From Will Eisner to Alex Ross artists working in the medium of comics have had to be expert in this regard.

In this course we will begin by learning simplified methods of drawing the complex shapes of the heads and hands. Basic anatomy will be covered. Students will use their own faces as reference and learn to utilize photo reference effectively. Exercises will involve the student producing short narrative pieces that involve characters showcasing the potential of human expression. If you want to learn to draw everything from grimaces involving bone crunching fisticuffs to the nuanced glances and feather touch of a romantic love scene this is the course for you!

A Hugo Award Nominee for best Graphic Story, Leonard Kirk has drawn Batman, Supergirl, the Legion of Superheroes and the Justice Society of America for DC Comics. For Marvel comics, for whom he is currently a contract artist Leonard has delineated the adventures of the Avengers, Captain Britain, the X-men and the Hulk. Somewhere in between he was the artist on Star Trek for Malibu Comics. To add to his list of prestigious assignments, he is currently the marquee artist on New Mutants for Marvel.

What Lies Beneath: Perspective and Object Drawing for Comics and Animation
Instructor: Scott Caple

Before inking and rendering by hand or computer, the basic foundation of any drawing must be rock solid! All of the great comic book and animation artists, regardless of style, have been able to set the scene by putting down a ground plane and presenting everything in proper perspective.

However, beyond the basics of absolute perspective, are methods of altering it to create a drawing that will work with the staging of a particular panel or scene. This course will teach you to create a solid base for your work and more importantly teach you to see when it isn’t correct. Learn not to draw what IS right, but what LOOKS right!

Visual reference from both comics and animation will be used throughout the course. This workshop is intended for those with a basic knowledge of perspective and observational sketching skills.

Scott Caple is a veteran Disney and Pixar Layout and Set Designer. He has been working in the animation and illustration mediums for thirty plus years. His credits include: The Incredibles, Atlantis: The Lost Continent, Tarzan, Mulan, The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, Rock A Doodle, All Dogs Go To Heaven, The Chipmunk Adventure, and the cult Classic animated feature Rock N Rule!

Start Date: All courses begin September 11-16
Time: Evening courses 6:30 P.M. to 9:30 P.M.- Saturday courses 2:30 P.M. to 5:30 P.M.
Location: 486 College Street, Toronto, Ontario
Length: 7 weeks of 3 hour classes
Cost: $350. plus H.S.T. (Anatomy with Geordie Millar $400. plus H.S.T.)
E-mail: [email protected] Phone: Sean Menard- 647-328-1656