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Do we link to just about every piece of art Paul Pope posts? Well, maybe, but when it looks as good as this page of STRANGE ADVENTURES art for WEDNESDAY COMICS, how can anyone resist?

Here is the first of the 12 episodes of STRANGE ADVENTURES (starring Adam Strange) which will appear in Wednesday Comics, with coloring by Jose Villarrubia, who collaborated with me on Batman:Year 100. Jose is using only the fabled 144 colors available to newspaper printers circa 1940.


  1. All the Wednesday Comics stuff looks terrific. Would you mind clarifying how the Wed. Comics stuff will be released? Will it actually be in newspapers or in the comics shops as part of standard Wednesday releases? I somehow missed part of the original announcement. Grazie-

  2. It will be distributed in comic shops (presumably tied into the name of the project).

    I believe the first isuse was solicited in the new Previews, so you can see the details at the home of one of the usual suspects (CBR, …).

  3. You should post everything Paul Pope does. Chock full of comicky goodness. What a swell idea.

    Y’know that big Art Book Pope released recently, (…and I know you’re out there, dude,…) he should release one of those every month. I would say every week,…but that seems a little excessive.

  4. According to the Diamond Previews shipping today (p.68-69), on sale tomorrow, Wednesday Comics will come folded twice, so that it is the same size as a regular comicbook. (Historians will recall that the original comicbook was created the same way, folding a sheet to get the golden age dimensions.)

    I won’t steal the thunder, as there is a lot of information in Previews. Since it’s a limited series, I hope DC will soon announce a giant-size hardcover edition.

    Official info here:


  5. Glenn: I am confused as well about the “FABLED 144”. I’ve done a bit of research trying to track down an answer, and have come up bupkiss.
    There has to be someone here familiar with Comic Strip printing process that can point us in the right direction? A Color Set name? Process?

  6. Glenn: I am confused as well about the “FABLED 144″. I’ve done a bit of research trying to track down an answer, and have come up bupkiss.

    A Google Web search on “artwork,” “printing,” and “144 colors” yielded 178 hits. Here’s one of them.


  7. Hi guys– thanks for the comments. I’m really getting into the Strange pages, it’s really interesting working in that format. The pages are going to be massive.

    I got the 144 number from Chiarello, maybe he meant 178 or 128. I will ask him.

  8. Hey thanks Paul, and uhm, Synsidar.
    The last link calls the color set “Ruxton’s Margo Color Chart”. And then describes that this is essentially 12 hues of varying brightness and saturation. I think we’re getting somewhere.

  9. …OK, for the record I asked Jose V and he says the palette is actually 64 tones, each in 2 tints ( a lighter and a darker) for a total of 128.

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