On May 6th, Marvel Entertainment released the sequel to the smash hit CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLDIER. In CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are put at odds after the United Nations imposes the Sokovia Accords upon the Avengers. The document, meant to reign in group following several operations with extensive civilian casualties, ends up completely dividing the superhero team.

Join Alex Lu, Brandon Montclare, and Amy Reeder as we dig into the movie. Did we enjoy the film? What did we think of Tom Holland as Spider-Man and Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther? Who stole the show in this movie? All this and more on this week’s PODCORN PODCAST!


Every Wednesday, I talk about comics with Brandon Montclare, writer of the hit Image series Rocket Girl and co-writer of Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur series.

We gab about what we’re reading now, what books we consider classics (Brandon loves Dark Knight Strikes Again…), and the hottest gossip of the industry.  Occasionally, the inimitable artist Amy Reeder (Rocket GirlBatwoman) stops by.  Check out our full show archive at podcornpodcast.com.

Intro/Outro music this week is Let’s Have a War by A Perfect Circle, off thier album Emotive.

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  1. Hey Risbo, thanks for writing in. We were dealing with some backend server issues, but we’ve fixed it all up now!

    We’re hosted on a podcasting service that lists us anywhere you get your podcasts, whether it’s Stitcher, iTunes, or even another app like Pocket Casts. You can download them all there– would you prefer a direct download link as well, though?

  2. yeah, direct download be nice, so that i don’t have to go to “page source” and look for the mp3 file.


  3. Oh, god. This was . . . painful to sit though. I’m know I’m old, and listening to young extroverts work out what they’re going to say aloud for 2 minutes is torture for an old introvert like me, but is this the zenith of podcasting? I know I’m probably not the audience for this, but does anyone feel an obligation to prepare for the show’s subject.?
    For some reason I can listen to Kevin Smith get high and talk about shit, but listening to these 3 get lit and free associate for 40 minutes . . .
    I’m sorry, I guess this was supposed to be some kind of ironic performance piece.

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