After a brief break for a long nap, we’re continuing with our Mega SD activity roundup. We’ve gotten a few people, not really complaining, but wondering if this is all too much. Dunno…is it?

We keep getting urgent emails from publishers and cartoonists wanting us to run their schedules, so there clearly is supply. In deference to those who AREN’T interested in you-know-what, we’ll try to keep the stuff above the cut brief, and run our listings in a big clump…so please move along if you’re not interested. It’s always been our belief that people may be looking for someone or unaware of a particular person’s appearance at the show, and we may help facilitate some meetings or purchases or joyous moments. So, in that spirit, onwards….


  1. Well, I will be attending Comic-Con this year. So I say the more info the better! It’s good to have all these panels and booth info as I try to map out my plan for the 4(5) days of the Con.

    As Steven Grant observed, since July has become a Black Hole of all things SDCC-news related, it’s natural for Comics sites to be sucked into its gravitational pull— so just hang on and enjoy the ride.

    And hope you’ll survive for NEXT year’s madness!