We suspect this could be a routine inspired by Andy Kaufman, but an argument between colorist Jon Adams and cartoonist Al Columbia over a missing color on a cat’s leg escalates into a call for a recall and emotional dramatizations:

I don’t care about Hawaii, and I don’t care about any boats! (That is a pretty cool row boat though.) All I care about is the huge problem of the coloring mistake in Mome. While you were away on vacation, anything could have happened. Somebody might start a thread about it on a message board! If that happens, it’s all over for me. Also, the guy at the comic store wouldn’t let me return the book, not even when I pointed out the cat’s leg. He stared at it and was like, “so what,” and then we got in this big argument. So instead I had to buy all the remaining issues, and now I’m mailing them to Fantagraphics. I think Fantagraphics is going to need to recall all of these and reprint them. It’s the only solution I can think of, professionally and morally.


  1. I didn’t notice the white leg myself. Probably because, like so many others, I bought this issue for the David B story.

    (Honestly, that’s the politest response I had to this.)

  2. Of course it’s a joke. I think the cats are blue because the three panels involving them were titled “Invasion”. Maybe they’re “Alien Kittens”.

    I actually didn’t buy the issue for David B. I think he sucks. I bought it for the “Hair Types” guy and (though a brief contribution), Al Columbia.

  3. HA! What a yuck Adams is. Does the guy even understand coloring?

    Color Seperations haven’t been around since 1995.

    Unless he’s colorcoding…and if he is…then he’s as insane as his tirades.

  4. Well the date of the last 4 e-mails show November 15th….

    Wonder how many people bought extra copies to eBay?

  5. This whole incident makes me feel bad for Top Shelf and those guys over at ISR who are publishing The AWESOME2 Anthology, cuz apparently Adams is doing the design for those guys and the coloring…. so they’ll have to deal with his artistic needs….poor fellas.

    oh wait……….. thats us!