Every once in a while this pilot surfaces on YouTube; it usually gets removed, but we’ll keep linking to it. now it’s available on the original Plastic Man DVD.

Mostly the work of Tom Kenny (Spongebob), Andy Suriano (Clone Wars) and Stephen DeStefano (Venture Bros.), the PLASTIC MAN cartoon pilot was created in 2006 for Cartoon Network but didn’t get picked up, alas. It seems to have been much inspired by Kyle Baker’s take on the character.

While this project seems to have been long filed under “never was” the Comics Alliance version of this item says that more Plastic Man shorts are on the way:

Sadly, the show was never picked up, but on the bright side, Kenny went on to play Plastic Man on Brave and the Bold, and recently, Cartoon Network has ordered five more Plastic Man shorts from the same team.

Whhaaaaaa-t? We couldn’t find any more references to this,so anyone who has the poop, please pass it on.

UPDATE: Yes indeed Kenny confirmed this in his Onion interview, and we’ve had independent confirmation from a third source:

But now, years later, they’ve just asked us to do five more shorts. Which is amazing, because I had consigned it to the grave. You know, “It was really fun, it came out the way we wanted, it was a cool experience, and it didn’t get picked up as a series, as most things don’t, so now we’re moving on.”

AVC: I hadn’t heard about the shorts. Is that brand-new?

TK: Yeah, it is brand-new. I don’t even know if I should be talking about it. [Laughs.] They asked us to do treatments for five shorts, which we are in the process of doing, but between those two things, they decided they wanted to use Plastic Man in the Brave And The Bold series, which is a series of Batman teaming up with pretty much every character in the D.C. Universe, from the most major to the most geniusly obscure, which are always my favorite characters anyway. The third string is always more interesting to me. I love Detective Chimp. [Laughs.] When is somebody going to bring back Detective Chimp? He was a monkey that somehow got really smart and solves mysteries. The great thing about that was that they had already heard me as Plastic Man, and liked it, and said, “Why don’t we just have Tom do this Plastic Man in this series?” That was really fun, to be able to voice this character I always had a kind of weird affinity for. 


  1. It’s pretty fun. I didn’t know DeStefano worked on Ren & Stimpy… but you can totally see it in this short.

    BTW, you forgot to mention that Dave Coulier’s one of the voice actors!!!!!!! hahaha

  2. He’ll be in the new Green Lantern cartoon. (As well as the Super Hero Squad Show.)

    According to IMDB, he’s done eleven B:TBatB episodes. Wouldn’t it be cool if Warner Archives allowed users to pick and choose BatB episodes to burn to DVD?

  3. Why would a burn-on-demand service for B&tB be useful? I don’t think you’d really want to exclude any of them after the first few where they were finding their footing, and even those aren’t bad as much as just much tamer than the later episodes.