freaks of the heartland
In today’s Option News, David Gordon Green is set to direct FREAKS OF THE HEARTLAND, a film based on the Dark Horse graphic novel by Steve Niles and Greg Ruth.

Illustrated by Greg Ruth, Niles’ six-part 2004 series about the horrible secret of a rural Middle American town involves Trevor Owen’s attempts to protect his “monster” of a 6-year-old younger brother and Gristlewood Valley’s other “freaks” from their parents’ worst instincts.


  1. This is one of my favorite stories by Niles. The moody art by Ruth really brought it home. I am a bit surprised to hear this, though. When I met Steve Niles at the NYCC about 3 years ago, I mentioned how much I loved the work. He said that it is one of the only properties he hadn’t sold the rights to for a movie, because he felt that a film wouldn’t adequately convey the mood of the book– and that it was one of his personal favorites.
    If this film can do that, then I am all for it. If you can get a copy of the gn, be sure to check it out

  2. It’s hard to imagine the mood of this outstanding work surviving the adaptation to film. There’s very little hard violence and much is implied, not shown. I’ve described it to some as “‘Of Mice and Men’ meets ‘The Elephant Man.'” It’s an exquisite piece of work.