It’s been pointed out that one-time Beat Nemesis but now friend and ally, Whitney Matheson, is moving to our neck of the woods:

I’m moving to New York.

I hope you’ll share my enthusiasm for this change, which will take place in the coming weeks. Though I’ll miss my friends and Washington, D.C., I’m eager to live in a city that’s home to so much of the culture I write about. I hope this move will enhance the blog and bring you even closer to the subjects I cover.

Tomorrow, the spouse and I are heading to the Big Apple to start looking for a place to live, so please be patient while these arrangements take shape. (Translation: I won’t be blogging too much for the next few days because this apartment search is freaking me out!)

And well it should, Whitney, and well it should. We wish you well on your voyage of terror and discovery.


  1. three possible reactions:

    1. Jets vs Sharks street brawl
    2. Wild West Showdown in the Streets
    3. [joeystyles] CATFIGHT [/joeystyles]