Networks are announcing their fall pick-ups and spring cancellations, and comics properties are very much in play.

Fox has canceled Human Target, now in its second season. It was never much more than a ratings outlier and doesn’t fit in with Fox’s newly announced focus on female-audience-friendly shows.


Likewise, Fox declined to pick up the LOCKE & KEY pilot, which has many people sad that the imaginative story of a supernatural family won’t be the next WALKING DEAD. The pilot, based on the Joe Hill comic, starred Miranda Otto, Jesse McCartney, and Nick Stahl, Some are speculating that it could be picked up by another network as a miniseries or series.

TV by the Numbers is reporting that the WONDER WOMAN pilot has been greenlit for a series on NBC, but it’s still in the rumor stage. The trades have been hinting that the finished pilot, starring Adrienne Palicki in non-shiny pants, had been much better received among network execs than among comics bloggers, so color us hopeful.


  1. Not picking up Locke & Key? Foolish.

    But then if network TV execs were smart they wouldn’t be bleeding viewers now, would they?

  2. I am a female and Human Target was very friendly towards me. I loved Ames and Pucci, thought they were interesting, strong and quirky.

    Jackie Earl Haley is just a badass and Mark Valley is VERY easy on the eyes. Chi McBride basically reprised his role from Pushing Daisies (one of the most female friendly shows, and also cancelled), and I loved it.

    Sad to see another good show off the air!

  3. On Wonder Woman’s pants:

    I heard that the pants will be there. That WW is going to wear lots of different costumes with the same basic elements.

    A few comic books have done similar things with other characters and I have always dug it. It makes sense that they would not always wear the same thing.

    Could be wrong, but a morning radio show I listen to that does a lot of “hollywood news” said that WW would have a broad wardrobe. Good stuff. I liked the pants. I think. I don’t really remember.

  4. I’m really ticked about Locke & Key. I really, really hope someone picks it up.

    I’ve read some decent script reviews of the pilot. Last I heard Fox were mainly not interested in putting another “sci fi” show on their network.

    If done well, Locke & Key could be a great drama – even with the supernatural elements toned down a bit.