Marvel have released a full teaser image – brings you back to those heady days before one-word teasers, sweet memories – for Daniel Way’s Thunderbolts series, revealing Phil Noto as the artist for the second arc. It also reveals Punisher getting a special lapdance from Elektra.


Well, when your choices are a moustachioed Hulk or Deadpool, Punisher is probably the best choice she could’ve made. This will likely devastate the legions of Venomektra fans out there. Sorry, folks! Seems a shame that her storyline is going to be a romance, though, especially as she’s the only female character on the team so far.

The arc, titled ‘Explosive’, starts in March.


  1. Mike — hey, it’s Elektra. Frank can kill her too, and she could be back alive to finish business.

    Silly but true.

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