I just can’t get enough of that clip. Of course, Boyle will always live on as The Creature, but according to the AP obit, he was also One of Us:

Boyle grew up as the youngest of three children of a homemaker mother, Alice, and an artist and television personality father, Francis X. “Pete” Boyle. His father starred in the early 1950s on WPTZ kiddie shows “Lunch With Uncle Pete” and “Chuckwagon Pete.” He drew cartoons on the air and introduced a generation of Philadelphians to the Little Rascals on “Fun House.” Boyle described his childhood in Philadelphia in a 2004 Inquirer article as “very mellow, lots of trees, lots of backyard. I would walk to school at St. Francis de Sales.” At West Catholic High School, Boyle “played football, acted in school plays, and cracked us up by drawing caricatures of the teachers and then passing them around the class,” said his friend Molyneaux. “He was very bright and creative and could imitate anyone.”