Heidi’s away, so there’s a bit of a twist on the Kibbles N Bits section today. Well, I say ‘bit of a twist’… but what I mean to say is ‘bit of a Steve’.


§ Disney have worked out a way to get Marvel characters into their resorts — put them on international water.

If you’re excited for Rocket Raccoon showing up in Guardians of the Galaxy, please consider donating to help pay for the care of his co-creator Bill Mantlo, who was a victim of a hit-and-run attack and was seriously injured.

§ Graeme McMillan talks about his changing relationship with the work of Jack Kirby.

§ This Tumblr by Ali Graham has documented 76 of Jay Z’s problems thus far:


§ Here’s a fantastic post by Sarah Horrocks on the slipping voice that colourists have in their work. Much-recommended you take a look.

§ Sam Read’s written in to tell us about a comics competition currently running through Grayhaven Comics. With a group of candidates in the running, whichever comic creator wins the competition will be invited to have a comic published by the company. It’s already underway, but an interesting look at what companies want from a creator.

§ When in doubt, turn to Faith Erin Hicks:


§ This wrestling-based comics Kickstarter seems like pure Heidi-bait.

§ Archie have decided to cancel a trip that their characters were set to take to Russia, due to the country’s anti-gay laws.

§ And finally, Bill Sienkiewicz pays ‘tribute’ to Superman:




  1. Since Disney is possibly the only cruise line that doesn’t take advantage of “international waters” for gambling purposes, I guess it’s fair that they do so for character licensing purposes.

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